By when do we need to finalize all details for my party?

Our team will call you to finalize the details of your party in the early days of the week of your party. During that time we will discuss our final head count, any add ons as well as your food/pizza order!

Do you provide invitations?

Yes! Digital Invitation upon request for a fee of $10 added to your party invoice

What are our food options?

We will order pizza from our local pizza shop and you can pay cash upon arrival.

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes! You will bring in your own cake, cupcakes, and drinks! Candles are provided for the cake, though you are welcomed to bring a specialized candle!

Can I bring Ice Cream Cake?

No ice cream cakes please as we do not have a freezer and it could melt

Do you have decoration options?

Of course! You can add balloons, arches, and glam/themed table setup for an additional price during the time we finalize all the details of your party.

Can I bring my own decorations?

No outside decor is permitted into our facility. That includes balloons & table wear

Are plates and cups included?

We highly recommend the glam table set up, which will include all paper plates, cups and utensils, as well as gold, chargers and centerpieces. If you choose not to add it, we will provide standard white paper plates and plastic cups.

Are adults allowed?

We allow one free adult per child. Additional adult at $10 each

What if my party includes pedicures?

Flip-flops will automatically be added to any parties that include mini pedis for $4.50 each or guests are welcomed to bring their own!

Do my children need to come dressed a certain way?

All party packages include different attire that we will provide. No specific clothing is needed. All robes, princess dresses & tutus will go over the clothes they come in with. If your party includes pedis please refrain from wearing tights/stockings .

What happens if we are late to our party?

We highly recommend that all parties start on time to avoid missing out on any of the services. However, there is a 10 minute grace period. If you are later than the 10 minute grace period you will be charged a $75 late fee & are willingly forfeiting parts of your party. All parties will still end at its scheduled time.

What if I have guest that are late to the party?

If you have any late-comers we will do our absolute best to make sure they receive as many services as they could. Depending on their tardiness they might not be able to receive every service that's included in your package.

What time should we arrive to our party?

You can arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your party to hand over your treats to be set up! All decor/add ons will be set up or in the process of it!

Can I visit before booking my party?

Sure! You can schedule a tour with one of our party planners prior to booking. Appointments are required to have a tour and are only available for scheduling weekdays during operating hours. Call us at 201-970-4526 to schedule!

Is my party private to just me and my guests?

Unless you have booked a private event (venue rental), your party is NOT considered private. This means there could be other events taking place as well as other parties. Your party room is private to you for a majority of the length of the event.

Can I Have a Private Party?

You can add 'Privacy' to your event (that is to close the venue for any other guests, besides your event guests) for an additional fee that is priced by the hour

Can I extend my party time?

Yes! You can add 30 minutes for an additional fee of $100.

What room will my party be in?

While all our rooms are beautiful and unique, we are unable to book a specific room for your event. Room allocations are made 24 hrs prior to the event and are based on the number of guests in your event.

What if I have changes to my party?

We request you put these in writing by emailing at least 3 days before the event. Changes made via text message, phone calls with no written acceptance, or any other way are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.

Is gratuity included in the price?

Gratuity is not included in the price. 15% gratuity will automatically be added to all parties of 4 or more. However, you always have the option to choose 20% or 25% if you are more than satisfied :) Cash Gratuity is highly recommended please